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    After editing and saving the QR code and secret key disappears like the picture above. I need them to connect to my Delta app. How do I resolve this?

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    use app to scan QR code. both keys will display on app. add connection

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    The QR code disappears as well. It becomes a picture of a lock as above. The secret key becomes ***.

    Delta doesn't accept the API key if trading is enabled. Once I edit, uncheck Trading and save, the QR and secret key becomes a lock and *** respectively.

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    Have you been able to link with Delta?

    Im finding you cant click the read only option

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    У меня проблема с регистрацией API ключей. После получения письма я подтверждаю, а появляется окно с предложением войти на биржу по новой.  И так по кругу. Мой логин [email protected]


    I have a problem with the registration of an API key. After receiving the letter, I confirm, and there is a window with an offer to enter the exchange on a new one.  And so around. My login [email protected]

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    I am trying to get the bulk prices only which code do I have to write or which part do I have to pick

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    I need a little clarification on API. This is the first time setting up an API to help track my trading. Does the secrete key get generated after the new API key is made? I do not have a secrete key and do not want to start the "New API Key" if i will be asked for a secrete key i do not have? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I'm trying to link to Delta as well and the API QR code disappears after I edit to read-only access per Deltas' request. SUCKS!!!!

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